Borders, Thanks for the Memories

I still remember the first time I went to a Borders bookstore with my mom when I was a kid. It’s weird that they are closing…. Borders has been around a long, long time (like me) and while technology may have moved the company out of bounds, (hello ireaders) the people in that company, the good ones,
will continue to contribute in other ways, in other formats….and other kids, my kids, growing up now, will still learn to read and learn to love to read. Although, some may need help with physically turning pages…i mean, my three year old has mastered the art of the thumb swipe …18 months ago…
I just have to believe that the people running Borders at all levels will find a way to be a part of the future of reading going forward. Maybe not as a corporation, but as individuals – we are all moving forward. It sometimes goes so fast that it feels surprisingly similar to going backward. Don’t be fooled by the illusion.(and maybe turn off the cable “news” shows once in a while. You’re likely to jump off a cliff if you watch any of it too long. Plus, you can read/watch it on your phone or tablet anyway)
So, Borders, thanks for all the great books and for the great service – and seriously, the clearance aisle. good times. You will be missed.

ps – kindle, nook and ipad, i do so feel the love. Amazing technology, Ingenuity and progress – what’s not to love?

6 thoughts on “Borders, Thanks for the Memories

  1. Nice post, Julie. I’m an avid reader. One of my kids is, the other is all about digital. But we are a media-centric family. Reading, however it is done, is so critical!

  2. I worked for Borders for just shy of two years and found it to be the most rewarding and fulfilling of any of the jobs that I’ve had in my 25+ year work history. And now, I have a manual labor job to pay the bills, but I still long to own an independent book store, because I feel that they can still have a place in our marketplace. I help to market a first-time author and would love to start my own non-profit to help put books into younger hands. If it weren’t for Borders, I may not have ever found my calling.

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