“I have heard some of the best public speakers around, from politicians to motivational speakers to corporate leaders, and I have never heard anyone who has captured an audience as completely and effortlessly as Julie.  She makes her points clear, she does it with humor and motivation, and she makes the time absolutely fly.  If you’re looking for someone to stir a crowd, challenge their minds yet provide paths to the answers and get their creativity flowing, Julie can fill the bill better than anyone I know.”
KC Eynatten
Nonprofit Executive 


“Julie is a gem. Her passion for helping people and organizations is only exceeded by her ability to provide substantive marketing and social media counsel and guidance. Julie shares her wide-ranging and in-depth knowledge of these areas with a passion and time commitment that belies how very busy she is in her Constant Contact position and her volunteer roles. Without Julie’s active and engaged support. TANO would not be where it is today. To know Julie is to appreciate her talent and unwavering passion for excellence in the nonprofit sector. We are very fortunate that she is sharing her incredible competence with us.”
Barry Silverberg
Director, Ctr 4 Nonprofit Studies at ACC; Principal, Silverberg Associates


“Julie helps businesses solve problems by drawing on her vast experiences as a start-up entrepreneur; a published author and sought-after speaker; and a true champion of non-profits. Never have I known a more versatile strategist whose substantive professional acumen is so well-balanced by her likability and high-energy work ethic. Julie is a rare find.”
Staci Frazior
Director, Worldwide Sales Enablement at ShoreTel


“Julie is a great communicator, a champion of good ideas, a team player and an effective leader. I’ve enjoyed learning new corporate strategy skills from her, as well as impactful management techniques. Julie is focused, effective, passionate and powerful.”
Sarah Zink
Corporate Trainer, Personal Coach & Passionate Advocate for Women & Entrepreneurs


“Julie is a magnetic personality with true heart, who also has a deep and detailed knowledge of her field. … I’ve lent on Julie as a resource for myself internally for guidance, and also invited her to present in front of our customers and partners in the UK. In both scenarios she has proven herself as a valuable and consummate professional, with a great ability to lead conversations and projects on track and on time. …Julie has also helped me significantly with educational content development. She’s been generous with her time and her knowledge, and I have learned a lot from working with her. …It’s very easy to see why Julie’s audiences, clients and colleagues love her.”

Tamsin Fox-Davies
Senior Marketing Manager & Head of Content at hibob


“Julie is an entertaining public speaker that has the ability to share educational content while keeping every audience member engaged. She is an excellent content creator and is an expert on all things online marketing for businesses of all sizes.”

Anissa Starnes, IOM
Nonprofit Professional,  Marketing Expert, Fundraising Professional