Keynote Speaker, Author, SMB & Nonprofit Advocate, Marketing Leader
Julie Niehoff is the founder of Local Biz Camps, a series of one and two day retreats for small business and nonprofits that promise inspiration, collaboration & growth in a safe zone free from sales pitches, long lectures and boring presentation slides. Julie is a co-founder at Distance Learning Media, LLC and is also host of The Easy Marketing Guide with Julie Niehoff – a weekly mixed format podcast on the ListenUp Network offering practical real-world marketing advice for small business, franchise and nonprofit organizations.

Niehoff also works closely with big brands to help find their voice in the SMB marketplace. She offers small group executive coaching sessions in a private setting with both live and online options for joining the program. Coaching sessions are customized to client’s needs and participants come away with a powerful, targeted blueprint for their marketing plans, including simple instructions for what to do and when to do it. Each coaching session and playbook is tailored to the specific needs of participants. Please email with questions or to request a quote on private coaching for your group or executive team.

A Celebrated Keynote Speaker
Niehoff is a popular keynote speaker and workshop facilitator. She is often audiencepraised for an approachable, relaxed presentation style. Even if the topic turns technical or more complicated, Julie brings her audience right along, making everything easy to understand. She has personally facilitated more seminars and workshops for more than 120K small businesses and nonprofits. Julie speaks at major industry events as well as smaller conferences.
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A Respected Leader in the Small Business Community
shopsmallJulie was named a top Small Business Influencer in 2011 by Small Business Trends and Small Biz Technology.  Her programs have been taught to more than a million small organizations in live, small format classrooms across the US, in Canada and the UK. Julie not only understands the needs and challenges of smaller organizations, she also knows how to reach this elusive demographic and has helped  major corporations reach and serve them.  Julie works closely and manages relationships with her counterparts at Microsoft, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, SalesForce, Facebook, Hootsuite, UPS Stores, Staples and other respected brands working to serve small organizations.

Years in Service to the Nonprofit Sector
nonprofit.jpgJulie served as Vice Chair of the Texas Association of Nonprofit Organizations from 2009-2013, she served on the Marketing Communications committee for Association of Fundraising Professionals International in 2010 and is currently on the marketing committee for Boys and Girls Club of the Austin Area. She also  sits on the community leadership board for the Center for Nonprofit Studies at Austin Community College.

Over the past decade, she has worked with thousands of nonprofits and also works with larger networks like Network 4 Good, Habitat for Humanity, Make A Wish, and United Way, always working to find ways for these important organizations to do more with shrinking budgets in the face of steadily increasing need.

An Author and Contributing Writer
writingJulie is a best selling author and regular contributor to a number of respected publications. In 2014, Niehoff was invited by Arianna Huffington to become a regular contributor to The Huffington Post, writing about small business, nonprofits, marketing strategy, time management, work life balance and more. Julie also writes for The Business Journals, Nonprofit Quarterly, Plan Your Meetings and other publications.
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Industry-Specific Marketing Experience 
With more than 20 years in communications, specializing in technology marketing strategy. Julie has significant industry experience in a number of market segments; including small business, nonprofits, travel and tourism, the meetings industry, SaaS sales and business development, publishing, hospitality, restaurant, franchise, education, municipalities, chambers of commerce, CVBs and SBDCs, real estate, financial planning, legal services, consulting and training, staffing, music and the arts.

Julie was with Constant Contact from 2006 to 2016.
ctctlogoIn her role as Director of Education & Field Enablement at Constant Contact, Niehoff is responsible for curriculum development and presenter training for the company’s global Local Education program, educating more than one million small organizations in live, local classrooms across the US, in Canada and the UK.  Julie has personally facilitated seminars and workshops for more than 120K small businesses and nonprofits. While managing program development and training more than 300 certified presenters, Julie’s primary focus has always been on helping smaller organizations leverage their own knowledge and experience to find easy ways to incorporate technology into their marketing plans, finding creative, affordable, effective strategies for building strong relationships with their customers and member base.

Key Experience In Prior Years
travelindustryPrior to joining with Constant Contact, Julie served as Director of Interactive Marketing for the Dallas Convention & Visitors Bureau and  later launched a successful consulting business, co-founded MeetingsCentral.com, an online resource  for event planners. During that time, Niehoff and her team also created the first ever live, online booking engine for group room nights, allowing event planners and consumers to reserve and pay for up to 25 hotel roomnights in a single booking. Niehoff’s system was implemented by Hotels.com and ended the four room night limit for online hotel bookings.

While at the Dallas CVB, Niehoff was responsible for a complete overhaul of the city’s online presence and worked to bring together back-of-house convention sales and services data with the more visible marketing and sales tools the city was using to stand out from other convention destinations. She created the Destination Business System, an online, on-demand sales and marketing system for tourism organizations and businesses. The system allows staff to manage web content, sales proposals, convention calendars and housing services in a single online data system. Niehoff’s DBS system is still in use in many destinations including Vancouver, BC;  San Diego, Cleveland,  Nashville, Hawaii, Dallas, Austin, Houston and more. Niehoff sold her part of that business prior to joining the Constant Contact team.

Additional Affiliations
Niehoff is a member of Meeting Professionals International, National Speakers Association, Texas Travel Industry Association and the Greater Austin Chamber of Commerce.

4 thoughts on “ABOUT JULIE

  1. Julie I attended one of your CC semionars several months ago. i have a problem. A person wishes to sell me an email list for my industry (Engineering – CAD/CAM) of about 80,000 email address. these have been collect via trade shows, etc. over the last 2 years. So this is not an Opt-in list. We subscribe to CC, and have faith this would be kicked out before we even start with them.

    We also use ACT for our CRM and can send via that, and we can easily run that over a ahared hosted account from an ISP. But even this I would assume an ISP will kill that account in a heartbeat.

    Can you suggest how we can send to this many emails and not get killed? Maybe even a competitive product to CC who is not so picky as to email lists?

    I suspect it will take 2-3 sends to this list, letting people opt out cleanly before we can use it in CC. Any suggestions how I can clean this up, or use an outside service to send this a couple of times knowing that 3 sends later 50% are bad emails or have opted out.

    1. Scott,
      Very sorry it took me a bit to see your comment and reply. It was hidden in my account for some reason but I just found it and want to respond (tho you probably found an answer already)… Let me start with a hard cold fact. It is illegal to send mass email to a purchase list of contacts. You are right, this would be kicked out of CC before you even start. 🙂
      I also agree with you that while you can technology-wise, send mass email thru your CRM system over a shared hosted account, any reputable ISP will also kill it fairly quickly because there are inevitable and telltale email addresses in any list, purchased or otherwise that would throw up flags for their servers to catch. I do not have any issues with sending you to competitors, except that I do not know of any system that will allow you to send to a purchased list (even if you don’t tell them, they’ll figure it out pretty quickly)… I totally get that as a business person you don’t want to lose access to the list and let me be clear that it is not at all illegal to PURCHASE the list. Not at all. It is just a problem to send mass email to the contacts in that purchased list. … you can contact those people in many other ways in order to reach out an establish the relationship but you will get farther, in the long and short run, if you concentrate more on authentic, regular engagement with your existing customer base. That is where your best new prospects will come from. And they are qualified leads. I’m sure that I said in the event you attended that a repeat customer spends on average 67% more than a new customer… but beyond that, the customers those happy people bring you are also more likely to convert into happy paying customers as well. I know it’s not as good for the volume/numbers game that we live by in terms of sales and potential… but for true business growth and opportunity, smaller and more effective means are at your fingertips to gain a stronger foothold.

      That said, if you want to send and clean the list on your own and bring a more qualified list into any system, you will always do better that way than with a fresh, new, hot-of-the-presses purchased list. Thanks for your question. 🙂

  2. I was interested in attending your seminar in Houston, Tx. but will be out of town. Is it possible to purchase a list of the attendees. do the folks sign in or it is just open to the public for business to interview? I am interested in growing my online business…

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